ERISA Planning (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)

You can hire a professional ERISA 3 (38) investment advisor to:

Substantially reduce Fiduciary Liability;

Increase your compliance and competency;

Professionally manage portfolios, asset class and fund selection;

Enhance plan performance;

Determine/repair your plans pro rata versus per capita problem;

Create Requests for Proposal (RFP) and determine the reasonableness of fees;

Reduce your overall plan costs; 3 (38) fees included;


Keep your current platform if desired, avoiding the inconvenience of changing plans.


What Adams-Hansen & Associate’s ERISA 3 (38) Advisors will do.

Build an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) designed to conform to the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.

Maintain the portfolios and plan to comply with IPS and maximize its potential at the plan level.

Professionally manage participant portfolios.

Deliver the education and information necessary for you to monitor us.

Work with the plan sponsors to optimize the business purpose of the plan.

Negotiate with providers to control costs, maintain or enhance service.

Periodically create Requests for Proposal (RFP) to competitive providers, evaluate responses, communicate results to plan sponsor.

Reduce overall plan costs.

Accept Fiduciary Responsibility.


Why Adams-Hansen & Associates as your ERISA 3 (38) Investment Fiduciary?

Local:  Small and Focused:  We have what is needed to get the job done, and do NOT invest heavily on Brand or Marketing, we invest in education and cost reduction.

Educated:  Registered Investment Advisors: Series: 6,7,24,63,65,66, Designations, CLU, ChFC, AEP, we read and adapt.

Passionate:  Set some precedents in 1996-97, Wrote a book on the Uniform Investor A ct (UPIA) in 2005-2006, Developed a participant education package in 2006. Allow sponsor/corporate/owner circumstances to expand our expertise and intellectual capital.  We do not fit you in our box..We have no box.

Focused:  We work with corporations, their plans and business/owner-executive needs, philanthropic planning and asset management.  Over many years we developed an investment platform that facilitates Modern Portfolio Theory as effectively as our study and experience allow.

Seasoned:  We have been formally acting as fiduciaries since 2001, informally since 1995.

Our Portfolio & Fee Structure:  We select funds using a certain criteria.  A large component is the cost to the plan.  Modern Portfolio Theory states that over 90% of the returns variation will come from the blend of the assets held by the funds.  We focus on that 90 plus percent, then fees, then “performance”.  We explain this more fully in our proposals.

Lack of Conflict of Interest:  We cannot, by regulation, solicit rollover or other business from the plan participants.  Our goal is to create a plan that through proper allocation of fees, rollovers will be disadvantageous to all parties.  Corporate activities come under separate agreements and executives would need to come to us for their individual planning needs and disclose that this was/is the case.

Our Relationships: Adams-Hansen has relationships with at least four major platform providers where we seamlessly deliver our investment platform.   They reasonably separate their administration, platform and delivery fees and get paid without revenue sharing whenever that makes sense.  In other words we use the funds that perform portfolio management activities most effectively and the providers get paid more directly than they have in the past.  Usually the overall expense (including our fee) to the plan will be within a few basis points plus or minus from its current pricing.  (Sometimes it can be substantially better.)

Our Flexibility:  We are experienced in Taft Hartley,  ESOPS, Non Qualified plans, Stock Options: ISO and non ISO, Phantom stock arrangements, buy sell agreements in many forms, charitable trusts and foundations, 10.5 (b) 1 (issues for insiders), we have been doing advanced estate planning since 1996.  We are learning about everything else.

We will negotiate with your current provider, if they are not on our short list, to see if we can deliver our portfolios to your participants competitively.  Some bundles are just too bundled.