For Union Members

As a Union member you are trained and experienced in your specific trade. You deserve professionals who are trained and experienced and have a solid understanding of the benefit packages you have funded for most of your careers. We humbly request you consider us as a provider of financial services for you and your family. Click here to view a few helpful retirement notes.

Member Pension Preparedness Program

Unions succeed because their members are highly skilled, trained, experienced, hardworking tradesman. As a union member you have spent dozens or hundreds of hours in “formal” training, a thousand or more hours of on the job training PLUS tens of thousands of hours doing the work you do best. Those hours fund your Pension and Social Security and have likely banked hours to help pay for health care in the first years of retirement. When you are ready to start thinking about retirement, it is time to invest a couple of hours learning how to blend the income and investment options you have to create the best result.

When it comes to collecting on the benefits you have earned through the Union and Social Security, combining them with spousal benefits and savings, a few decisions or strategies will have a surprisingly large impact on your results. You have the power to control taxes and fees by identifying which assets to spend when and why. This program is intended to prepare you to wisely make those decisions using your specific facts and circumstances.

To schedule your Member Pension Preparedness Program appointment, please call us at 952-224-9085 or email us at Appointments are 45-60 minutes and are held in local training centers or our office.

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