For Business Owners

Business Owners

Business Owners have specialized needs under a variety of different circumstances. At times the emphasis is on cost reduction; managing the costs of essentials such as Life Insurance, Employee 401(k) type plans, and/or Executive Benefits.

Other times the business owner is in need of business continuation or succession planning and requires services and tools in the area of: certified valuations, accounting audits, developing tax effective sale or transfer strategies, imminent domain negotiations, designing, funding and maintaining buy-sell agreements, tax effective trusts for strategic transfers of supporting assets, 1031 exchanges, etc. In addition to these and a host of other client specific services, business owners also have the same needs as other successful individuals including, but by no means limited to: Will and Trust review, portfolio positioning and initial allocations, income planning with and emphasis on tax reduction, cash flow analysis and recommendations, risk assessment and optimization, estate planning, defensive tax reduction, insurance planning and design, charitable planning, trust design and implementation, individual retirement accounts, and more.

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