401(k) Review

We are currently offering a review of retirement plans for local companies resulting in a Letter of Professional Opinion for their files. Because plan reviews are quite thorough and require a significant obligation of time on our part, we are limited to six reviews per quarter. Please contact us to get your plan on the calendar.

The Letter of Professional Opinion will include:

  •  Confirmation of, or guidance to establish, the plan’s compliance with ERISA regulations, chiefly sections 404(c), 3(38), and 408 (b)(2).
  •  Analysis of plan fundamentals and your Investment Policy Statement
  •  Evaluation of plan performance
  •  Price and services comparison of Recordkeeping, Administration, Funds & Advisors, including current providers, any companies you are interested in, and some of the best marketplace options. When considering fund costs we will look at total costs including, but not limited to, revenue sharing, 12b1 fees, wrap fees, etc.

This independent, professional review provides instant value. It will be additional evidence of your dedication to the quality and value you provide both your participants and organization, can be a significant step toward meeting the requirements of your investment policy statement, and requires no initial commitment.

Adams–Hansen & Associates is a consulting firm focusing on ERISA qualified plans, business continuation/succession, and portfolio management. In addition to the Letter of Professional Opinion, we will provide a proposal specific to your needs if we can offer significant savings, improvement, or service.