About Us

Adams-Hansen & Associates (AHA) is the moniker under which Business Benefit Finance Inc (Adams-est 1984) and Creative Wealth Strategies Inc (Hansen-est 1995) do business.

Rick Adams and Brook Hansen met in 1996 as part of a dynamic team of financial professionals. They developed a working relationship in 2000 and began operating as partners in 2005.

Hansen began his practice focused on advanced estate, business and charitable planning based on his business and tax reduction background.

Adams was focused on business and employee issues as well as insurance and risk management due to his engineering background (and mentality) and years managing an insurance agency.

Both Adams & Hansen started managing money in the late nineties utilizing the same methodology that they use today; Modern Portfolio Theory. In 2000 Creative Wealth Strategies became a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) for the first time. Both have served as an Investment Advisor Representatives to this RIA, or one associated with a former broker dealer, ever since.

Having developed a long-standing relationship with Union Bank & Trust, AHA worked with their trust and custody department to implement a group of portfolios called the AHA Portfolios, introducing the fund for the first time in February 2009.

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