For Qualified Plan Providers

We can help with:

We create a liaison with you and your providers to facilitate ease of communication. You will also have direct contact with the investment advisors to handle participant specific needs and or to answer questions.

Cost comparisons to comply with the DOL can be somewhat difficult in that often times fees within plans are paid indirectly and are not always transparent. Our platform is designed to be totally transparent, efficient, and competitive. We will make sure you actually see every expense and pay only for services and benefits used, and cost and performance will be measurable.

All of us who serve as fiduciaries are guided by the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA) and its sister Act the Uniform Prudent Trustee Act. In both Acts, Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is repeatedly referred to, in fact it is the reason for the restatement of the Prudent Man Rule and the UPIA.

MPT tells us that any portfolio can be designed to be efficient based on any selected amount of risk taken. It also tells us how to blend asset classes in relative terms to create this efficiency. Success is measured by how well the manager designs and maintains the portfolio based on MPT.

Our Investment Advisors follow the discipline strictly and disclose initially and on a quarterly basis how they are performing based on deviation from the “perfect” portfolio.